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I expected summer here to be like Singapore, and when my Japanese classmate told me months ago that it rains everyday in summer I didn’t believe him. He’s true. Sunbathing in my garden or chilling out in shorts and tee in the park aren’t possible cus even when it’s not raining, it’s super cloudy like it’ll rain frogs and tadpoles. We do get occasional sunny days once in awhile, and it really makes me appreciate THE SUN more than I ever did.

Well it’s summer, and spiders are out to dominate my house. To be fair, they should pay a portion of my rent. There’s nothing for them to eat in my house unless they fancy cookies, chips and chocolates, I have no flies nor ants and other bugs fall onto their tangly webs. Unless they breed (which they do) and feed on their offsprings, or they might just all starve to death. Can’t they see that there’s a much better chance of survival if they relocate and migrate to the garden where there’s an abundance of food of all range.

Alright that’s not exactly my point of this post. The thing is I feel strongly that if we come from a small place, we should step out to a bigger city to explore the many other arrays of opportunities available out there. It’s not easy, but absolutely possible if you want to. This world that we live in is magnificently huge. Like the spiders in the dark corners of my house, if they get out there into the garden they might actually like what it has to offer.

That aside, I don’t intend to watch the new Spiderman.



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It’s interesting how every four years we get an additional day, it’s like a free bonus.

“Winter is extremely depressing”, that’s what I’ve been told before I arrived in London. I never believed it, not till I experienced winter myself. Inconveniences the harsh cold brings. Grasping the concept of the sun setting at 3pm that leads to longer lonely nights. The cold air causing a serious drought on my dry skin. Not a bit was winter welcoming.

This week is the arrival of Spring. Everyone is feeling it. The warmth of the sun, cool breeze, blue skies, perfect weather. So this is the feeling of  hope and joy that Spring brings. Awesome!

Coming from a city where it’s summer all year round, this trait of nature is pretty fascinating for me. Everyday I get out of bed reminding myself how awesome I am to be waking up in London. Just a year ago I was desperately eager for an escape, to somewhere far away and here I am.

I think I’m one of the lesser hardworking student in class. I spend half of my time having long walks, checking out museums and exploring every corners of the city. I doubt I’ll be sick of this place for a long time to come.

Le Petite Prince

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Bought this book in early January, have been reading it since but just couldn’t get to the end of it. When I move on to another page I’ll forget what I’ve read the page before, and after an average of 5 pages my eyelids get heavy and it’s bed time. So finishing a book is a huge accomplishment for me, even if I took more than a month for a mere 80-pages thin one.

I like the book. The one I’ve read is the French version. (As I’m typing I could hear a community of people screaming “You lying bastard!!!!!”) Okay chill people, I read the English one, but I’m told that the French/original version is much better but it’s out of my ability.

I guess the reason why this book is so popular is because it opens our mind to a childlike world – the world that we’ve long forgotten as we grow older and move on fighting for our spot in society. We were a child once upon a time. However, nobody (unless you have aspergers and you live in your own world) can ever keep his/her innocence and wild imaginations because these are non-essentials for survival in reality. We lose gradually lose it without even realizing it. It is charming to read something written from a child’s point of view, ‘cus we tend to get reminded of something distant but familiar, or simply realize that we no longer are able to think like back then when we were a child.

‘One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.’


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‘Hello’ is the most used English word, I’d like to think (apart from fuck, of course).

This is my very first post ever since I left for London. It’s been almost 6 months, and I’ve lived two seasons. Time flies. I’ve been adapting well. Great, in fact.. I think I’m in a great time and place in my life right now. Appreciating every moment and experiences, life’s awesome, can’t really ask for more, or can I? I still want to travel to space, ultimately!

So we’re already two months into 2012, I haven’t done much for my new year resolution – to travel like there is no 2013. Have been extremely busy in school. I’ve chose a school for the sake of its name but now I know it had earned it’s reputation for a reason, because it’s really good.

I turned 24.

Holy moly crap. How did I suddenly get so old? How have I survived 24 years? These are unbelievably baffling questions for me.. however I do feel like this is the best age ever, the 23-27 range, the age to do anything, with the freedom and power to do anything. World domination even! This is possibly the best time of my life, and I’m extremely glad to have turned 24 in London.

…And to have spent it with a bunch of friends I’ve got to know and grown close to in the past few months. Really thankful for my first surprise party (organized by my housemate)! And all the wishes from dear friends, I’ve never appreciated them this much in the past. It sounds kinda gay but I really do feel absolutely blessed.

And happy.


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The Last Third

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I have been very much in love with the world for a very long time. When you love the world long enough it’ll take you to places, and show you things that not many will get to see.

I am 18 days away to being away.


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These days entertainment come in a form of a screen. We’re basically a generation of staring at screens, spending long hours working on computer, when we take a break from work we retreat to our tv, psp or other handheld gaming device, we communicate through texting on our phone, we lie down on our bed with an iPad on hand. If suddenly there’s a widespread virus that will cause our eyes to get allergic reactions from visual contact of pixels from screens our entire living system will crash.

If you see a random guy staring at trees or gazing at the clouds in the sky that idiot might be me. But I believe that is what we need to do, to spend more time appreciating our surroundings, the nature part of course (not the dumpster in your neighborhood). That is also why I feel that running in the gym is stupid, you just become a hamster jogging on the spot – staring at a screen. Go run to a park.

I closed my Twitter account for awhile now and I’m starting to feel that I’m missing out quite a lot. Things like daily little updates from my close friends and happenings. This is what Twitter does, it makes updating of your friends’ life so much more convenient and quick.

I have slightly less than three weeks left here! I’ve cleared all my work, booked my flight, collecting my visa tomorrow, and I should start packing soon. I can’t say this enough, this year is insanely fast. How did this happen? If it gets any faster by the second I’ll get a panic attack. Next month is going to be the most exciting time of my life. No I’m not getting married nor having a kid yet!

Good night!